you! can copy! the degree! for your personal record$ not on net!nth degree! On biz! Made more money! On this any thing else! Free delivery! deal dynamite! Blow up on word! or printer!  take this document! to word! will! print! up exactly like above! example! for! an awsome! paper ticket! Deal!! The Little Book On Small Business! By Chester the hor$e   table of content$ !THIS PROVES HOW SOUND THIS DEAL REALLY IS after reading! Will calibrate player play fair this is the complete package! you wont get a better education at Harvard! this info! Worth the entrance fee “priceless"1. Knowledge = slate! Memorize! Awesome!2. MONEY = BALLS {INVENTORY} 3. TIME!!!!! PRICE! SET! DISCOUNT WILL ACTUALY SHORT CHANGES THE CUSTOMER! 4. COMMUNICATION!!!{RULES REGULATIONS!!!!!5. PRODUCT {THE GAME!!!!}6. SERVICE!!!! ANSWER A GOOD PRODUCT!!!NO SERVICE = PRODUCT!!! 7. ADVERTISING!!!= RAILS DEFLECTING SALES INTO RETAIL OUTLETS [POCKETS 8. DELIVERY {{THE BREAK GAME ON!!}9. COLLECTION { OFFICE} OR MONEY BOX!!!=AUTOMATIC!!10. LOCATION!!!!! {POCKETS}!!! 11. CUSTOMERS {PLAYERS} it’s getting radical! Note$ “that’s what you want! 12-15 INVENTORY SALES BOOKS= office!!!!! Find chalk at the office!!! Tenacity!!! Funny Webster’s def! STUB-URN! 16. GRADUATES = {TIP JAR!!!!}17. FAITH+= THAT YOU CAN WIN!!!!!!the button {pay pal} worked out to the cue ball this is a sweat deal!!!! Real value for your dollar! A great biz! 18. Humble!!!! The rack!!! Help in organizing {also asking for direction!!!!}19. Persistent! = the chalk!!! 20 tenacity!!!!!!!!! The rag that holds it all together} second last ELEMENT SURRENDER!  YOU’RE MONEY   TO WIN! That leaves only one last element success one position winner! One policy honesty! Skill$ negotiate = bet plan! = shape estimate! Call! Your shot! Execute get in the game! plus$ 20+ more calm subject$  use this method to research!  Spell checks out to treasure! FREE concepts! Study writes on the money!!!!{Legs}1. Decision AND ACTION!!!! 2 BIRDS ON A WIRE!! ONE DECIDED TO FLY AWAY HOW MANY BIRDS ON THE WIRE! ANSWER 2 THE ONE JUST DECIDED NO ACTION!2. Greedy men don't get rich!!! Told after didn't make sale holding out for more!! this how you get money out of a deal make the sale!!! Also never used personally could get you in!!! its only hundred bucks!!! NOW ONLY $25!  3. Money to burn Webster dictionary its OK to spend some foolishly if you have to much!!! felt good when read!! Rich man said thanks when heard! This will tell you how to spend if you buy the deal go big or go home tells you how to get the job done!! Never thought just naturally did trying to make a million! 4. To big to fast!! Was told after went Bankrupt!!! use this for balance!! The secret to the fiddle balance just like riding bike!  FREE one great philosophy! ..MAKES YOU INSTANTLY RICH!! ONLY TIME RICH MAN STOPPED SAID “what did you just say!!" I'm rich because of what I don't need!!"Use for contentment! The rake!!! Study memorizes! Awesome!!* Pay yourself first!!!! Simply means don't pay your bills if jeopardizes your working capital!!! “if you paid  your bills on time wouldn't know who you are" don't get famous if they don't talk about ya!! This will get you in the deal always want to say FREE~ MAKE PRIORITY!  This is your cue!!!! Get in the degree from the school of hard Knox a bachelor with!  Commerce {MONEY not of! FITS ON A PAGE! FRAME IT!  Put wall   in columns! Elements / def: answer / how relates to the world wide web! one amendment! Limit the supply! High demand! = a syndicate def monopoly! cartel! was going to delete only mistake whole deal is you not buying in! !! This degree is priceless! if nothing else copy! And tip! The dealer  copy! The ticket! And the! Nth degree! So valuable! Safety deposit! fit$ page! cut past sizzer$                   the nth degree! this one you can sell over and over again and again try that with your degree! NOW FREE KNOWLEDGE : Unchanging truths State of knowing / answer: learn! I did all the research for ya!/ REL. Information!{ NEW DEAL!!!!!! "Onassis " secret knowing what other people don’t “Onassis" rather 1% hundred peoples efforts than hundred percent of my own!!!"Gratuities!!!{tips " to insure prompt service!" tip at every jar! MONEY: DEF: Webster's -medium of exchange any substance or article  used for money " this deal is money! Currency! MY- ANSWER TO MONEY ADVERTISE BEFORE YOU RUN OUT Rich mans answer to money More! super rich More! more! "I want a mountain of money I want all the money there is in the world (answer to collection always put a fifty in the basket) related toe net: investment! This deal runs just like generator input {promotion}output{cash" TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY" LEARN TO LET IT FLOW!!!! LIKE WATER!!!COMMUNICATION: Websters-a-giving-or-rceiving-information-.-The-science-of-transmitting-information-:-the art-of-expression-ideas-esp.-speech-or-writing-Answer:-"to be understood-to-understand -NO COMMUNICATION=PRODUCT:PRODUCT Something produced-by-nature-made-by-human-industry-my 2 cents -ingenuity-answer YOU WANT TO APPEAL TO THE MOST AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!!THIS DEAL BEST PRODUCT EVER!!!- Rel:net-Your-website-or-locations Notes!!! “Made more money on this than any thing else!!! “Expensive things come in small package" try it! SERVICE: The- occupation condition-of-servant-:-System-of-providing-people-with-the-use-of-something-Anwser:- to a service is a good PRODUCT! Service spells work! rel: net-minimal- automatic delivery! Service spells work ADVERTISING: PROMOTION (fun nest part any business or the game!{ Answer: More! same answer rich give to $$$ money! MORE! MORE! related to net. Unlimited! Opportunity. Rich man told me “You want to take advantage every opportunity. Just thought deal is opportunity of life time! cant emphasize enough advertising SQUARED! Pays to advertise!!Steady the hardest lesson to learn!! its not about money!!!! That said!! You have to advertise!! or wont ma-kit -DELIVERY-"completion OF OBLIGATION"WEBSTERS -IRA VOCABLE-TRANSFER-OF-DEED-OR-OTHER-INSTARAMENT-(THIS DEAL ROCKS!}of conveyance Answer “expensive thing come in small package-"If takes any time to deliver becomes a service!-Related to net Automatic or standard{ pay yourself first!!! go standard! COLLECTION-DEF: Cash-payment-for-services-Rendered. Answer one of my own! Easier to do a transaction-than-to-provide-service!-"rel:-net instant-cash-in-hand-idea-sell-for-fifty- Cash!!! My kids answer!! a BUTTON on your website last bit!!! my answer to collection!!! an open visa on your website!!{tip jar} this deal like blueprints perfect!.CUSTOMER: deF:-potential-buyer-answer-more customers=money!-The net your customer base the WORLD!!!!!!!% ON BLUE PRINT..The-net-in-three-elements-knowledge{info}Money[eCommerce}communication}FREE money !!! Traditional strait transaction inventory-sales-books {money!}FAIR GAME your the establishment house {inventory} Dealer{sales} Players{money} spent a lota paper on figuring that out!! this deal turns you int0 the house!!!!!INVENTORY. Webster’s Stock!!"money""best asset your employees" Answer" perpetual""rel net FREE! INVENTORY in notes this deal better than real-state no inventory costs! also said maybe be-tern a oil well free resources= money!{k aching SALES!: DEF: Transaction-Answer-The objective of business! rel net: Name of the game!!!!{ fun part promotion=sales!}BOOKS:="record of transactions" Webster’s. A financial statement summarizing-assets-liabilities-and-net worth-of-individual -or-business-at-any-given-time-date-so-called-because-assets=total -liability -plus-net worth! Answer! This worked good for me was told! if you don't declare Cash your not ripping any one off as if kept proper records would right everything off any way. Rel net record of transaction nice biz if you have to keep books!{object right everything off!!! spend spend spend write it all off!!! the joke your goal is to make under ten thousand a year no tax! FAITH: Webster’s=Unquestionable belief That doe's not require proof! Complete Trust and reliance " I have faith in this deal!" My answer to faith figured out while writing COURAGE! rel net: This deal makes perfect CENT$ have some faith! Gratuities!!!!!! in my notes say " pay your dealer lots and often only fair! i always TIP!{to insure prompt service!!!!}like this one! Gratuities contract. : law A contract-for-benefit-of-the-person-for-=whom-it-is-made-without-a-reciprocal-promise-of-benifet-to-the-maker-/Mine " a contract with out obligation!{biggest opportunity!!" runs on tips right HOBO=rich LOCATION answer distribution ( retail outlets changed way i saw things...A sign telephone pole location ad a in paper location!! pick up phone get in a million papers!!over night a million location!!!! your website !! DEF a location or being located! position in time or space where factory or house located... situated an area marked off or designated for purpose !! Answer to collection a BUTTON on your website { that's what your buying!!} TIME Tiny increments at a time!!! Answer!!! “The secret to time do as little as possible so you can do more!! Delegate early in my business career told! Rich man #1!tiny increments poured out salt bits make a pile! Man 2 one little deal at time! Humble!! Def: Asking for Help!!!! added this element late in the game think it should be top of the list!! Persistence def: enduring continuance answer keep on going towards your goal!!! Failure one step closer to success! Tenacity! def to hold it together to get back up keep trying !!!!! Like stampede wrestling HONKY TONK MAN ! SURRENDER to insure the yielding or giving up!!! Surrender to win!! Surrender your money to the deal! Invest! Traffic SUCCESS def: to accomplish your goals! one of the few definitions that is also the answer! my goal always million~ STYLE A fashionable luxurious existence! What its all about!!! You will need some easy money! Easy come easy go!!!!! PRICE! The cost as in life la our ect of obtaining some benefit or advantage! “Professional job at a reasonable price!!! BANK!!!!! TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK!!!!! STORE IT IN A SECRET LOCATION!!! OR IN WALLET!!!ETHICS def: standard of conduct!!!!!! a standard in which you conduct yourself!!!!! play fair!!!TIP its part the game!!! HONESTY ! Play BUY THE RULES!! ABIDE BY THE AGREEMENT!!!! “GREEDY MEN DON'T GET RICH!!!"EDICT def! an official public proclamation or order issued by an authority! Decree!!! POOR MANS COPY WRITE! FREEE TO TRADE ON TERM$ ABOVE!! editor! The head of a department of a news paper!!! you’re the editor!!!! you wont the dough gota run the show!!!!! Debit! Something owed one person to another an obligation or liability to return! Something the condition of owing "sin" CREDIT def: The quality of being trustworthy and creditable “trust in ones integrity in money matters and ones ability to make payments " ones financial reputation!!! Answer! Keep paying a little bit one step at a time!!! I always say tellm you cant pay twice third time should have money!!! this is important!!!!!!! Reputation!!!is on the line be a man of your word!! ASSET$ Any thing that is owned with an exchange rate valuable or desirable thing to have ALL THE ENTRIES ON A BALANCE SHEET SHOWING THE ENTIRE RESOURCE OF A PERSON OR BUSINESS answer puts money in pocket LIABILITY'S! The debit of a business or person any thing that takes money out of your pocket!!! That costs! Time money! Luxury The use and enjoyment of the best most costly of things that offer the most physical comfort and satisfaction!!! this deal can afford you a life style like no other! Hang a sign any where in the world almost legal tender PROFIT financial gain obtained from a transaction!!!! as rule you need to make 200% mark up !! This deal!!! %million LOSS: to lose money not to profit break even like a good game of cowboy pool! Answer!! this deal cant loose! Winner!!! SUPPLY To give or furnish or provide what's needed or wanted "an amount of quantity availability" free inventory!!!!! DEMAND the price people are ready and able to pay at a certain price a posed to supply! What price market will bear! BANKRUPTCY! A person legally declared unable to pay there debit company that has failed completely!!!! the answer to bankruptcy !! Is if you have no payments you can take a break!!!!!!!!!!! Pay cash " " business that you can start from scratch make the most!!!!!!! The internet broke down yesterday never felt so rich because knew would be fixed pronto!!!!! EMPLOYS A person hired by anther or by a business to work for wages or salary!!!! Answer! your best asset!!" BUDGET! DEF:The amount of money needed allotted for specific use!!! The cost of items or estimated cost of living operating ect! My answer to budget! No! a bag full of money! Advertising budget unlimited advertising generates money! PRIME FIRST IN QUALITY OF THE HIGHEST EXCELLENT S IF HAVE THE BEST DEAL NO COMPETITION PRICELESS def of the inestimable value beyond price! Your prize possession!!!! can’t put a price on!!!! this deal!!!!! RESPECTABLE credible commendable showing fairness and sincerity genuine an honest living!!! play fair all winners! TAXES! To require to pay a percentage of income or property value support of the government! spend spend spend! negotiations!!!! to reach an understanding!! to barter !! Price!!! Answer!!! Easy!! like a reverse auction!!! $ 200 would you take a hundred!!!!! how about $150! meet in th middle $125~~ same price as the game you got a great deal!!! Estimate!!!!!!!!! to A tentative evaluation or rough calculation, as of worth, quantity, or size. Answer!!! go high!!! under estimate i called it paying my tuition!!!! this deal! Estimated!! Value a low estimate!!!!!! 3339000 the price of a cheap hotel in a good location!!!!! This deal pays out like a room at the Sheraton cavalier!!!PLAN A plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective SHAPE like skiing!! Look at least two bumps ahead!!!!!!! plan on making a pile of dough !! go for it!!!!! Execute!! to initiate the plan!!!!! Take your shot!!! Cool and calculated! with experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! concept !!!!! wise old man!!!!" you are going to be criticized judged! Condemned ridiculed my two cents go ahead try something and find out!!! Hardest parta workn for your self!!!! #2!!! lobsters in a bucket!! put one in you have to keep an eye on it!! put two in!! the other one always!!! Pulls the other guy down!! get out a the bucket!! i was lucky kept getting fired!" always a promotion!! Stopped getting fired!!! had to quit jobs to get ahead!!! That one of the hardest things to do quit!!!!!!!!!!!" best thing @ my reason!!Always a better opportunity!!!!!!!!! lots a opertuinitys!!!!!!!! to hand out!! tickets!! if you don’t have to go to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer to time do as little as possible so you can do more!!!!!! this a good one!!! should a been on the ticket!!! one thing that will leave a man in ever lasting ignorance!!!CONTEMPT! prior to investigation!!!!!!!!! meaning!!! to!!!! that resentment is directed toward a higher status individual; anger is directed toward an equal status individual; and contempt is directed toward a lower status individual. to disregard!!! with out!!!! Investigation!!! like arrested for something you didn't do with an alibi !!! been there!!!! “Mind your won business! and kiss your own ass! This done deal hers one of mine! " if you have the best product there is no competition !! Also!!!!! Never liked this one sell the sizle not the steak!!!!! to tell if you getting hustled at the table!! like to think of this deal!! as steak and lobster! " that's a solid! bit a writing !!!!!" i don't believe it!!! i think!! This will fit!!! On a !!!!!! 8half!!! By 11!  Open table! Buy table! Flip! For break! A gentlemen$ wager! You can’t lose!  Sold print$ perfect! page! back & front!

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